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  • Kirill Melnikov
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Game Translation Lab

It is the commercial project made up of experienced localization managers and a group of the best translators in the industry from all over the world. These people have proven their worth in game localization many times over. We get along well with our customers and we work productively both with large game publishing companies and small independent developers who are getting ready to publish their first projects.


Our activities have spanned over 6350 projects (and this is nothing short of 39 million words) from small casual games to AAA titles. We work with the 16 most widely used European and Asian languages. All our translators translate only into their native language, which means that your games won't just be translated correctly into the language you need, they'll also be fully adapted for your target audience's cultural background.

Our advantages

We keep time-consuming bureaucracy to a minimum, and our main priority is attending to the needs of our clients and ensuring that their products are localized to the highest possible quality. We have a flexible approach to clients, which means that we can offer more than just excellent translation - we can offer timeframes to suit your needs, prices to suit your budget and payment methods to suit your preference. We are often willing to compromise when our customers need some extra flexibility in our terms of payment.

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Our flaws

We do not work with projects that are not related to video games or their marketing texts. We sometimes work through the weekend on our most interesting and exciting projects. To make your translation better and more precise, we might badger you for additional materials, such as a short video of the game or at least screenshots from it, and we will ask you questions about the text.


It's very easy to become our client or even just to consult with us on any questions regarding localizing your video game projects. contact@gametranslab.com

And one more important thing. We have a strict confidentiality policy concerning our customers and their projects, so we do not disclose or publish this information anywhere.


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